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This tip explains how to use contextual menus in all File/Manage menus and also in web viewer forms. That means that you for instance can search and replace a big calculation with help of external tools such as BBEdit or do something exciting with Custom functions.
This tip is created to hopefully give birth to new ideas.

The solution requires Max OS X Snow Leopard, Automator (included in Snow Leopard) and FileMaker 11.

First create Automator script like below. Use Service in the start screen. The script is configured to only be visible in FileMaker Pro.
The script consists of 3 steps:
1. Ask for text – Shows a dialog to the user asking for text input.
2. Copy to clipboard – Takes result from step 1 and adds it to the clipboard.
3. Run AppleScript – Runs an AppleScript that in this case activates FleMaker Pro and then tells the system to paste the clipboard.


Save the script and give it a name. I named mine ”Fetch text”.
Then use it like below. Highlight the text in the calulation field and choose the new service called ”Fetch text” at the bottom of the menu.



Type the text you want to add.


The text you wrote get treated by the AppleScript before it gets pasted in the calculation box again.


Please add a comment if you find any cool use of the tip!

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