Have you always wished that you could control your iOS device from a distance or are you longing for a version of FileMaker Go that works with the Apple Watch? FileMaker Go 14, our example app and a cheap Bluetooth headset will take you in the right direction.

I have built a simple app that take advantage of the new trigger feature of 14, OnExternalCommandReceived, and companion Get-function, Get(TriggerExternalEvent). The idea with this trigger is that you should be able to control music and video from a headset in FileMaker Go. We instead use this trigger to control a scoreboard.

It looks like this:


I have tried the Scoreboard app in FileMaker Go 14 for iPad when playing floorball (indoor hockey) and it works pretty neat. I can be out in the field as one of the players and control the scoreboard with my little Bluetooth headset attached to my t-shirt. The iPad is big enough to be seen across almost the whole field. I only use the controls for the headset.

I use the Skip to next button when the team to the right scores, the Skip to previous button when the left team scores. The Play/pause button (in the middle of my headset controls) is used to view the Options screen with option to undo latest goal, or view statistics when the most goals are scored. In the beginning or at the end of the game? It is easy to see with a chart. When it’s time to take a break and drink some water the screen shows ”Pause”. I have to start and stop the game on the iPad.

Download FileMaker Go 14 for iPad first, load this web page on you iPad and download our example app.
If you want to try the app but don’t have any Bluetooth headset, don’t worry, you can use your non Bluetooth headset that you got with your iPhone.

Update: The Scoreboard app was demonstrated by Claus Lavendt at FileMaker Developers Conference in Las Vegas July 2015 during his session ”FileMaker Go 14 Crazy”.

Video of the app in action, my headset control is in the lower right corner.

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