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I have been doing home automation for several years now and I was surprised finding almost nothing googling the web ”home automation filemaker”.

2012 we had a customer event here at Mallverkstan. As a fun part we showed how it was possible to control a tea kettle from FileMaker when it was time to take a break, proving everything could be done with FileMaker. Then I was using a Telldus Tellstick, a device invented here in Lund, to control my 433 Mhz switch. Nowadays home automation has grown exponentially with lots of devices and different control systems.

One of the largest, if not the largest, home automation systems out there is Home Assistant. It is open source with thousands of contributors. It’s working with all the major internet of things gadgets like Philips Hue, IKEA Trådfri, Telldus, Samsung SmartThings and so on. It even works with devices that maybe not yet has an open api like Swedish Plejd. Over the years it have evolved to be much easier to use.



The purpose with this post is to show you how to use FileMaker to retrieve data from Home Assistant and also how to control devices. The only (?) thing you need to do is download the example database and follow the instructions. If you already have a running instance of Home Assistant, lucky you! You’re up and running in a couple of seconds.

I started building this database a couple of years ago to be able to keep record of my ever growing list of devices with data such as manufacturer, protocol used, category, notes, picture and so on.

How could FileMaker be used in conjunction with home automation systems? I think in a near future you will be able to connect your administrative system with your devices. For instance if you have a beer brewing company you could control the process and also collect sensor data in FileMaker. If you have a shop you could count customer visits connecting a sensor at the door sending signals to home automation system connected to FileMaker. If you are a sales organisation you could show a LED lightstrip in different colors depending on todays sales.

Download example database here: HASS.fmp12

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